With the Japanese release date announced last week (February 1, 2018!), it wasn’t going to be long before the rest of the world would be given our release date!! I HAVE GREAT NEWS, BRAH!! We get it before our Japanese brethren, on January 26, 2018!!

That is right!! The game that looks to set the standard for Dragon Ball fighting games moving forward isn’t that far away, thankfully. Bandai Namco also unveiled the cover art, which is identical to the Japanese art!

Brah. That is straight FIRE!!! There’s nothing that can ruin all this glorious news right? Well, they also released details about the Season Pass. 8 characters.. for $34.99!

To make matters worse, for those of you who might be buying the Collector’s Edition, it doesn’t even include the Season Pass! Damn. I mean, the Season Pass is option AND the Game still looks fantastic..

Will you be buying Dragon Ball FighterZ come January?