PlayStation fans know that the “Force is strong” with the PlayStation gamers, and Sony is proving that today with these two new PS4 bundles.

Launching on November 14 in America, Canada, and Europe, the Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Pro Bundle is customized with all of your favorite Star Wars factions. Rebels. Imperials. The Inferno Squad. It isn’t exactly amazing, but I do like that it says the name of our favorite sci-fi franchise across the front of it.

It also comes with the Star Wars branded DualShock 4 and a copy of Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition for $449 (US)/ $549 (CAD). The added bonus? You’re able to buy this 3 days before the launch of the game. Sooo if you fork out all of your galactic credits, you get to join The BRAHpire on November 14.

Or maybe Dynamic 4K graphics ain’t for you? There’s a standard 1TB HDD PS4 Slim bundle, too! The only disappointing part about it? European is receiving the vastly superior bundle. It looks sharp, Brah!

There she be. Now look at the US PS4 Slim. It’s so.. basic. Poodoo.

Nothing to see here. No decals or cool controller mods. Move along, move along. $299 (US)/ $379 (CAD). Arrives on November 17.

If that isn’t enough, perhaps this short trailer can help! Ok, even though it probably won’t help you make a decision, it still looks action packed. Now if they can only get those loot boxes figured out..