Sure life used to be good. You had everything and now your “friends” have led you to a life of drinking at the bar. When you start with one it will lead to five and now your up to twelve drinks. You feel on top of the world. You are invincible. But now it has gotten you into some serious troubling situations with the other people in the bar. And Because after every drink, the stronger you feel. So what do you do, you fight. Yes, you fight even though you should just be home. But you fight none the less…fight everyone in the bar.

Oh, but simple hands may not be the best thing. Grab a chair…grab a bottle…hit them with a low blow. Wait it’s a two on one…well, give them a new meaning to Head Bangers. Wait a minute…in your drunken state, there is someone by the dart board…well, my friends take that dart and make a target right in their bullseye. Do some head butting…break some windows and pretend that you are Stone Cold Steve Austin and give them the…well you get the idea.

All this and more when you drink your way on February 13th, 2018 to a Drunkn Bar Fight on PlayStation VR.