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Ohhh the simple life. Sitting on a lily pad enjoying the peaceful atmosphere enjoying life as a frog. Then there they are, the bugs that seem that want to bother your relaxing tone. So what do you do when you are an annoyed frog who just wants peace? Well to gain your peacefulness, you eat them. That’s right you eat those bugs and you can justify the situation because not that you are the vicious type…no no. But because you are hungry. And yet ByteRockers’ Games has some how taken something so simple and turned into a fun and pleasant good time with VRog for the PlayStation VR.

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The concept of VRog is like mentioned simple. There are no controllers to use as you on use the PlayStation VR headset. To eat a bug you simply look at it and tongue will lash out and eat the bug. To gain multipliers, you must eat the same bugs in a row. Certain bugs are better for you than others. For example if you eat a lady bug you will gain night vision. Dragonflys help slow down time to help gain some extra points if you are going for that multipliers. Just say away from the wasps as your aim will be going all over the place.

Now while you are playing and looking around you will notice other lily pads that will have bugs around them. All you have to do is look at the lily pad and you will jump there with your mighty frog legs. This really comes in handy when you are playing Arcade Mode and you are trying to catch as many bugs as you can in 90 seconds. It’s just something about the Arcade Mode that has the familiarity to it with the old arcade games.

The other mode is Survivor Mode. This is where you can play as long as your skills allow you to play, which I really found fun. In order to advance to the next stage, a certain points must be reached. But you have a challenge. To stay away from the stork of evil who if you get too close will attempt to make you it’s dinner.

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When I said the easy life of a frog, I meant it. When you play this, you will feel like you are on that lily pad of ahhh. Just sitting there enjoying your immersive world. The bugs have a fresh design on them and seeing your tongue launch from your view as a frog just adds to the game. The 3D audio works really well as you are able to pin point where the bugs are in this 360 degree environment. So you may want to stand, so that way you get the full experience and with no tracking issues is always welcomed.

The local leaderboards are a nice touch and will have that fun family competition going on. There is a global leaderboards that I would love to see in game, but to see your name in lights on that global level, you must visit the site. VRog does what it was intended to do, take something simple, add some immersive frog action and add a family aspect to it that seems to be missing from some games and for this I do appreciate that.

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VRog is out now for PlayStation VR. A review copy was provided. To learn more about VRog please visit the site. To learn more about ByteRockers’ Games, visit their site and follow them on Twitter.

Don’t miss out on the interview I did with ByteRockers’ Games about VRog and some of their thoughts about VR.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am not going to play as a frog, I am the VRog!