With everything that goes on in the world, sometimes there is trauma. Sometimes there is guilt as well as sadness. Sometimes in order to help get past a certain point in our lives, we must re-visit the memories no matter how unpleasant they may be, that they may have helped caused the mental illness.  Ever see a picture in a certain way that you knew what the artist was feeling when he created it? How about that one song that once that one chord strikes, a sadness overcomes you where you might break out in tears? Sometimes our inner self-opens a doorway that we tried to keep closed because we knew what the outcome might be. But sometimes these doors need to be opened in order for us to heal and move on.

Playing as Tyler (the main focus) who is is a nature photographer and Elena who is a cellist, you will experience the good and bad times, which you will see through the eyes of Tyler. There will be no voice…no text to help tell this story, but you will be leaning into visuals to help with the 3D sound. You will learn how to see your past, but only to have torn apart and shattered. What secrets will we learn when Anamorphine comes to PlayStation on July 31st, 2018 and to PlayStation VR a little later on.

Until then…please enjoy…