We have all played our share of platformers over the years. Some have us jumping barrels, some have us collecting coins, and even some have memorable boss battles. Now take all the favorite things you love about platformers, add some new perspectives, add a touch of feeling like a God, and blend that in the VR blender and pour it into your favorite smoothie glass and you will have an replenishing, soothing and refreshing experience with Light Tracer from Oasis Games.

Light Tracer Drink PSVR

In Light Tracer you play as a mute trying to help a princess with some attitude reach the tower of Belbatis as her fellow land member have fallen into a deep sleep and she must get the help from the Gods from the heavens above. I love it when a character actually has a life of their own and the attitude with a touch of sass just adds to that love.

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Using both Move controllers, you will have the staff of light in your right that you use to guide our princess along the path she needs to take. With your left is the hand that you can use to turn the land to get a better perspective or to raise and lower or move side to side a certain platform to help her to to a new level. What I really like here is how on one level you can pick up a wooden box and place it on a stone so that more of the path can be revealed  so that the princess can move along.

It’s times like these that make you really appreciate playing in VR and seeing a different way of thinking from a different perspective that really makes you appreciate it all. And many times you will have to change your view to help you progress and this really is a good thing. Now with any type of guidance, there will be deaths. And at times I did feel bad. This is why the changing the way you look at things works really well here.

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As the story unfolds, it is broken into five levels of each of the seven worlds and yes each of the five levels has a boss to battle. I don’t want to give away too much, but that eighth world…you gotta love boss battles. When you first start the first level and complete that, the next level starts which causes you to keep moving up as you are trying to reach your goal of help.

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New levels of course brings new challenges to conquer, new coins and jewels to collect and these have a familiarity to them, but seem so refreshing at the same time. When you get to the icy levels, the princess will slide. Just wait to when gravity plays a part in your adventure and calmness that adds to the puzzles of the environments as well as the complications of your thinking. I really loved the boulders that were rolling as I had to jump over them that brought back some fond memories.

As you progress along the path, there are glowing circle check points. This way when you fall off and feel bad, you won’t be feeling that way too long as there is no health bars or percentages and after you die, you respawn at the lost check point and so does your angle. This is the only thing I wish would not change. I would have the perfect angle and view of my next check point and then I fell at one point and only had to go back to the last check point and my view changed. But honestly if that is the only bad thing, I am really ok with it.

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What I really love is how each level had this certain vibrant life to it and really gave a sense of a journey I was happy to go on. What you will need to get used to is when there a gap that must be jumped is you will need to press X on the Move Controller. Not saying it’s bad, again it’s all about how you look at everything will depend on how easy you make it.

The music and sound had a really good relaxing and smoothing feel to it and the immersion is top notch here. Light Tracer does something that makes it feel new. It takes what we already know, blends it and just makes you change the way you think and for that I honestly appreciate the fresh take on this platformer of light.

Light Tracer is out now for the PlayStation VR and should be in your collection. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Light Tracer and Oasis Games, please visit their site and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time I need to get back and collect the items I may have missed.