When I first saw The Last Starfighter, it was an instant love. “Alex Rogen was a small town boy with big dreams. But in his wildest dreams, he never suspected that tonight he would become the Last Starfighter.” This movie had such an awesome feel to it, that I still think it can still hold up to this day and how awesome would this be in VR.  And that is exactly what Orange Bridge Studios Inc. has done with End Space VR for the PlayStation VR.

When starting End Space VR I did have this familiarity with it, but not like you might think. It wasn’t a familiarity of gameplay, but more of The Last Starfighter feel to it and that is a really good thing. In End Space VR you are a very skilled pilot and it is your job to take on and fend off the attacks of the Tartarus Liberation Front’s insurgents. As any well-skilled pilot of the United Trade Consortium would do.

Now keep in mind that this is a single player game and honestly that is a good thing. End Space VR does a really good job of making you feel important and really feel like you are the only one who can get the job done…almost like you are the last one around.

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I was really impressed with the missions as I was not really forced to go to one or in order as I got a choice. I applaud Orange Bridge Studios Inc. for this as choices add that refreshing tone to it and come across with something special in VR. By using the Dual Shock 4 controller I was able to fly along and I really felt like I was in space. It was me versus the Armada…I mean the Tartarus. The head tracking to aim is spot on. The only thing I wish was that feeling like you were zooming through space, but honestly End Space VR makes up for that with other elements.

Holding down R2 can drain your weapon while firing your weapon so you will want to make sure you use appropriately. But I couldn’t help myself…my weapon was gone quickly many times and all while having that evil grin like everyone is going down.

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At the beginning and end of each mission, you are provided with a hub. As you complete so said mission, you are able to unlock more missions, weapons, credits, and upgrades. Spend the credits to get the upgrades. Remember that R2, well if you drain it, you must wait for it to recharge. And there were times I wish I did not let it drain.

But once you do get used to the battles and how the space battles do start to play out, you will learn the best way to use your weapons. And once you do, let the good times roll. I do like the fact that you can always go back to a mission to see if you can get a better score. It adds to that replayability that I really enjoy.

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End Space VR really adds something special to the point of wanting to keep playing just to better my own score. I honestly cannot wait to see what Orange Bridge Studios Inc, does next.

End Space VR is out now and should be on your list of space battle adventures on PlayStation VR. A review copy was provided.

To learn more about End Space VR please visit the site and follow them on Twitter. And to learn more about Orange Bridge Studios Inc., please visit their page.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, as a pilot of the United Trade Consortium, I have to go and defend.