Upon watching the first trailer for Finish Line Games’ Maize, I wasn’t sure what to think. Crazy talking corn. A Russian teddy bear with an attitude who mocked the player over any decision you made. Add some crazy puzzle action to the list and woah. The game had potential to be wild, adventurous, and ‘beary’ fun. My warning to all: If you decide to play Maize, you might come out a bit..stranger. You’ve been warned!!

How strange are we talking about exactly?? Well, one of the first items needed to gain access to a secret area is a human hand. Yes. A human hand. Even though the game starts a bit on the slow slide, things truly pick up once you gain access to the lab and meet Jim, Bill, and the rest of the crazy corn crew. From then on, things will continue to become stranger, thankfully in a funny way.

If I’ve totally lost you after these first two paragraphs, have a good day! If you’re still reading, this game only gets weirder and that is one of my favorite parts about it due to the fact that I myself can be quite the odd fellow. The developers at Finish Line Games didn’t hold back when developing Maize, injecting the game full of personality and fun. From item descriptions to the way the story is presented to you via sticky notes between two employees, Maize embraces the weird and is better for it.

The graphics and art style in Maize are unique and detailed as they are creative. The look of the evil corn is down-right creepy, especially when you pay close attention to their faces. I was surprised how nice the game looked for a smaller, indie title. Vladdy’s fur is so fluffy that you want to reach out to cuddle him while he complains the whole time. Maize is definitely easy on the eyes.

If you enjoy puzzle games, then you’re in luck, as Maize is a first-person puzzle adventure that’ll have you doing all kind of wild puzzles to escape the corny madness. Puzzles are never too difficult or really that difficult though. So if you’re looking for something that’ll cause you to bust out the ole’ pen and paper to help with notes, Maize isn’t it. If anything, Maize pokes fun at the absurdness of the puzzle genre, often in the item description pointing out something funny or flat-out telling you where the item needs to go to help solve the puzzle at hand. It didn’t bother me, but I could see how it rub some the wrong way.

If you don’t mind thinking outside your own box, then Maize is worth a try. The game’s unique flavor and style might push away some gamers, that’s ok though! They’ll be the ones missing out on this short, enjoyable treat. The game isn’t going to blow you away with its puzzle gameplay or linearity , but the enjoyment you’ll receive from the game’s craziness will reward you with some zany moments to remember.