Let me start this out by saying I have no problem with Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. I composed over 12 articles related to the game. As a fan of both companies, I was generally excited for the game. However, that fandom didn’t blind me so that I couldn’t tell that the game could possibly have some.. issues.

First Chun-Li looked more like Fug-Li. Then the roster, especially on the Capcom side, looked like a bunch of rehashed characters from Marvel vs Capcom 3. Who REALLY demanded to have Haggar back? I rest my case.

This is when things get problematic. Liam Robertson, who’s known for his investigative reporting when it comes to gaming, offers some clues on the situation. He’s talked to Capcom employees and other insiders to offer what he knows regarding the situation. His video is short. 5 minutes or so. Watch it.

Yikes. A little over half the budget of Street Fighter V’s DLC plans?!? How did Marvel not mandate that the game have a proper budget??! We all figured hag Black Panther and Monster Hunter were held for DLC release, so that isn’t the biggest news. Capcom seem so to dropped the infinity bomb on this one, even though the game currently has a 78 on Metacritic, even that didn’t didn’t help it from being outsold by Pokken Tournament DX In Europe last week. Ouch.

What do you think about MvCI? Do you own and enjoy the game? Or did the rumblings before launch scare you away?