(Update!) Play-Asia was Right! While we won’t be getting the “Game of the Year” Edition, we will be getting the Complete Edition on December 5! Behold the boxart!

Includes The Frozen Wilds DLC, all the updates, and the digital deluxe content for $49.99!! By the way, is that boxart Brahsome or what?

(Original Story) Oh snap! It’s almost that time of the year!!! All the big games we enjoyed at the end of last year/ earlier this year are about to be re-released as GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION!! It’s Aloy’s time to join the club, Braaaahhh!!!

Play-Asia.com looks to have let the watcher out of the bag, as a listing for the Horizon Zero Dawn: Game of the Year Edition has escaped captivity for all those to view!

December 5, eh? My guess is that it’ll include The Frozen Wilds DLC and all the updates that have been made since earlier this year. DOUBLE NICE, BRAH!!!

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy Aloy’s BRAHTASTIC adventure, December might be the best time to do so!