Welcome to October. The month of Halloween…the month of scares…and the month when we put on our PlayStation VR headsets and get ready to be part of the episodic VR adventure that I am sure is going to add some fright to our lives. Based on the film this adventure will have you investigating and there will be some exorcism going on. So be careful how you get those demons out of the hosts they have taken over.

Taking place over five chapters, the exorcisms are based on real cases. You will have various tools to help with your task along with secrets to unlock. The schedule of releases are as follows:

  • Chapter 1 – “First Rites” – Players must investigate the ritualistic murder of Father Bell, a priest at the local church.  While there, they discover that he was researching the return of a cadre of very dangerous entities- the Legion. Collecting several of the priest’s arcane exorcism tools, it’s up to them to pick up where his work ended. Unfortunately, something, or someone, doesn’t want them to continue.


  • Chapter 2 – “Idle Hands” – Explore what happens when people dabble in forces they don’t fully understand. Back at the police station, the player receives a package from a stranger directing them to investigate the sudden psychotic episode of an institutionalized school teacher who is tormented by an unseen force. The entity they encounter is as old as Babylon itself and is adept at using illusion to prevent them from severing its hold over its victim.


  • Chapter 3 – “Skin Deep” – In this chapter players will encounter Abyzou, an entity who has been blamed for infant mortality throughout the history of civilization. Many cultures have encountered her and she has been given many names, from Lilith in Hebrew to Medusa in Greek. It’s the player’s task to force her to reveal herself, protect a newborn baby and send her back from whence she came! Sounds easy? Not so much- she’s quite persuasive. We’ve been asked to explain the meaning behind the title, but we’ll leave that for the player to discover.


Chapter 1 – 3 will debut at the same time, while Chapter 4 “Samaratarian and Chapter 5 “The Tomb” will be coming soon after. The pricing will be as follows.

Each episode will be $6.99 and will feature around 25 minutes of gameplay. If you want the complete series it will be $29.99. But by purchasing Chapter 1 who then will want access to the rest of the chapters can purchase the season pass for $24.99.

So you will not have to wait long when The Exorcist: Legion VR comes to PlayStation VR on June 19, 2018 Make sure you sign up for the updates!

Until then…please enjoy…