In space, no one can hear you scream in agony when you can’t figure out a puzzle in Factotum 90! TACS Games’ space puzzler has finally made its way to the PS4 and Vita via publisher Poppy Works. Has the wait been worth it? If you’re a fan of fun, relativity short, inexpensive puzzle games with a unique flair, then Factotum 90 just might be for you.

The story begins in space, as your starship suddenly collides with something. Your mission? To figure out what the heck happened and get power and life support working once again. Through 30 stages you’ll control Noel and Barbara, two bots that will hopefully help fix up your ship. There’s also your pal TACS. He tried his best to help you out, but can only do so much. So yeah, it’s pretty much up to you figure out what the heck happened.

You’ll go about using N & B to complete each puzzle across the stages and thankfully the game helps you out so that you don’t control them both at the same time. Do what you need to do with one bot, then quickly change to the next screen to figure out what’s next. Below is a screenshot of the layout of your screen.

You have a view of both of your robo-pals, TACS, and your abilities. TACS has a tendency to appear on screen, telling you all about your next mission and he was always welcome. His witty banter made me chuckle. I joked earlier about screaming in space, but that the game isn’t that tough. Is it an enjoyable puzzler that’ll tickle your brain? For sure. Make you want to crush your controller out of anger? No way, Brah. Factotum 90 is a puzzle game that can be enjoyed by a variety of gamers of all ages and skill sets.

You’ll move across the stage, blowing up obstacles, deactivating force fields, rotating/ moving platforms, and other maneuvers to complete each stages puzzle. Of course, the game starts off rather easily, then slowly makes each stage more and more difficult. The bots are limited in what they can do, so later on in the game you’re going to have to figure out the best order to accomplish your actions in. Challenging, yet fun.

The game also takes things nice and easy. Time limit to finish a puzzle? Not in Factotum 90! This is greatly appreciated, because there’s so many puzzle games that will give you a set amount of time to finish your goal, you make one mistake, you fail, and have to start ALL OVER. Factotum 90 is more much forgiving in this aspect and it helps overall with experience.

It’ll take about six hours or so to complete the game, which isn’t bad as the game’s asking price is $5.99, so you’re getting a pretty good ratio of money to gameplay. PLUS Factotum 90 is cross buy with the PS4 and PS Vita, so double your money’s worth AND your trophy count.

I recommend Factotum 90 to all fellow puzzle gaming fans. If you’re looking for a short, fun alternative to all the major time consuming AAA games of today, that will challenge your mind and gaming skills, you should check Factotum 90 out.