(Update!) At some point the tweet in question was deleted. Makes you wonder why.. my bet is that we will see it in 2017.

(Original story) From the Sly Cooper series to inFamous, Sucker Punch Productions have always done a kickass job at delivering great, high quality, PlayStation Exclusives for gamers to enjoy.

Since finishing inFamous: First light in late 2014, the studio has gone rather silent working on their next project. Can you blame them? Announce a title early and fans complain that they’ve been waiting forever to play it or boom, a delay happens and it seems as if the game has been in-development “forever”.

Weeelllll, there might be some good news as to when we might be seeing their next game. Industry insider, Shinobi062 (look him up!) dropped a hint (That has since been DELETED!!) to a fellow gamer who was also curious about what SPP is up to..

“Soon”?! How soon we talking about? 2017 is Sucker Punch’s 20th anniversary. There is two more major gaming events this year – Paris Games Week and PSX 2017. So before the end of 2017 only makes sense to me. Right? Right?!

This is only speculation on Shinobi’s part. Don’t get too excited. Buuuuut.. be kinda hyped. Keep it in check though because we might be waiting until E3 2018. Hope for the best, Brah!

Special thanks to NoDakid_ for the tip!