Guys, guys!! Calm down! I know you didn’t see this one coming, but if Fortnite: Battle Royale isn’t your cup of tea, the look no further than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the super-massive early access game from Bluepoint Games that has sold over 13 MILLION COPIES to date. Insanity!

While currently a smash hit on the PC, Microsoft will help the team bring it to the Xbox One via a publishing deal. Will it come to PS4? It has all been rather hush-hush. Until now.

Bluehole founder Chang Byung-gyu said in an interview with Bloomberg that team is currently in talks with Sony about bringing the game to PS4 after the launch of the XB1 version.

So there ya go. If you’ve been holding out or only have a PS4.. you can get your PUBG on… Soony.