In a not very surprising move, Koei Tecmo has announced a ‘Complete Edition’ for the highly acclaimed NiOh!

The best part? It will include all 3 additional add-on chapters:

  • Dragon of the North
  • Defiant Honor
  • Bloodshed

Plus any other updates that have been made available since launch. The release date? This is when things get a little weird. Similar to how the movie industry does blu-ray releases these days, the digital edition will launch on November 7, followed by the physical on December 7. The digital edition nets you 5 original weapons, will the physical rewards you with a mini-soundtrack and a strategy guide. Sooo.. pick your poison.

As long as you’re in Japan, that is. Don’t see why this won’t hit Europe or North America!

If you’re hyped for last expansion, Bloodshed, then check out the trailer that Koei Tecmo unleashed for it!