When Shawn Layden confirmed at E3 2016 that Crash Bandicoot would be returning to PlayStation in 2017, fans when nuts for their favorite marsupial. Guess what? The fans delievered! If the numbers recently released by Gaming Analyst Daniel Ahmad are correct, the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has ‘woah’-ed itself to over 2.5 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS worldwide.

Wow. Didn’t expect these kind of numbers. Then again, 3 games for the price of $40 certainly didn’t hurt the game’s chance at being a hit. Plus, nostalgia is a helluva’ drug! Oh! And finally, it didn’t hurt that the team at Vicarious Vision did a great job with the games. Don’t believe me? Read our review!

The future is bright for Crash! Hopefully Activision can find the right team of developers that can bring gamers new Crash games at the same quality as the original Naughty Dog Trilogy!