The Senran kagura busty ninjas are back but this time without the blades and their special shinobi abilities, instead they have an armoury full of water guns and plenty of sexy bikinis.

This is only my second Senran kagura game and I can already say that it’s completely different to Senran Kagura: Estival versus, the game has a lot of anime cleavage but you need to look pass all of that and take the game for it is, it’s a fun third person shooter, the game doesn’t have a dark tone compared to other Senran kagura games and it doesn’t need to.


The story is pretty straight forward, the girls get summoned to an island where they have to participate in a mysterious water gun tournament to win a reward of their choosing. Shinobi from many different factions have been invited to participate in this PBS tournament, the girls are not allowed to use their special ninja skills as it’s strictly a water gun tournament. The games single player has a story arc for each faction and it has ten chapters each. You fight various enemies from random girls and hi tech machines. You get to fight a giant boss at the end of each story arc. The single player adds the Paradise Episodes where you get to play the side stories. There’s also V-Challenge mode where you compete in various mini tournaments.


The gameplay is pretty much basic, ¬†you can powerslide across the map to avoid getting hit and you can boost jump with your jet pack, your jet pack is powered by the same water reserve as your weapon so you’ll have to be tactical on how you use it in such a fast paced environment. You also have a mele attack, it helps especially when you’re in an 1v1 situation, You receive rewards after each game with a card pack which gives you power ups for your weapons, pets and skill cards, you get different packs depending on the mode you choose. You get 3 different type of cards, weapon, skill and a companion card.


You can customise and Strengthen your shinobi girl or you can combine cards to change your abilities, many of these power ups have a different effect during gameplay. The card collecting in this game can be addictive and I’ve managed to find a way to farm for the rarest cards. You also get in-game currency after each match and you can spend it at the shop to buy many different card packs. You can also use the memorial medals you earn to buy a rare card. Each card you see in the game has a cool illustration. The game also has variety when it comes to the weapons, you can use a shot gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, twin pistols, grenade launcher and much more so there’s plenty of weapons for you to max out.


The Multiplayer in Sanren Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is a blast, it’s not your typical third person shooter where you kill and splatter gore all over the screen, this game is very unique and adds something new to the table especially with it’s overall design. You have the regular 3v3 and 5v5 ranked matches, you also have a Free Match mode where you can play with your friends and not worry about your rank. You also get a co-op survival mode where you work as a team taking on waves of enemies like a horde mode.


There’s also a Dressing Room mode where you get to customise the girls by changing their swimsuits, hairstyles and adding accessories to make them look more attractive, once you customize your perfect ninja waifu you can pay a visit in the intimacy room where you can interact with any of the girls, it’s nothing hardcore or Rated R but it’s something some people may get offended by so player discretion is advised. The soundtrack of this game was pretty good and it suits the tone of the game. There’s tons of unlockables in this game and you can check it all out in the library.


The graphics in this game may not be groundbreaking on a technical level but I still appreciate art direction, the character models look fantastic and the animations were superb, the game does have over the top boob physics but it doesn’t show nudity, it’s a fan service game and it did everything it was set out to do. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash was simply Marvelous, If you’re open minded and you enjoy third person shooters with some extra spice then this game is a great time.