Sonic is celebrating his 25th this year and to celebrate, Sega is showing our favorite blue hedgehog some L O V E ! ! !

Sega already has one hit Sonic title this year with SonicMania and looks to make it two with Sonic Forces this Fall. Join Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and your very own create-a-hero as you battle the forces of Dr. Eggman and the newest villain, Infinite.

Even though most of this trailer is in Japanese, if you’re anticipating Sonic’s newest adventure, you better go fast and press that play button.

I have to admit, I’ve been kind of reluctant to get too excited about Sonic Forces, but the more and more I see of it, I’m starting to think Sega has another hit on their hands.

Sonic Forces rushes to the PS4 on November 7 for the double nice price of $39.99!