I joked earlier about how Final Fantasy XV is an ever growing saga that might never end. Believe me, Square Enix isn’t letting anyone forget about the game. The Assassin’s Creed crossover event is currently going on. In November we get the Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV PS VR fishing game title, and come October 31, the multiplayer expansion, Comrades, will finally be available to purchase for download.

(Spoilers) Taking place after the shocking events of Chapter 13, Prince Noctis is in his slumber, as the darkness begins to take over the world. You’re a member of the Kingsglaive. Your duty? To protect the world

until the one true King returns. Create your own unique avatar AND at some point in the future, get the chance to play as Ignis, Gladio, or Prompto! Sounds like your cup of elixir?

Enjoy the TGS 2017 trailer featuring a brand new song from Nobuo Uematsu, titled “Choosing Hope”!

Will you be returning to the world of Final Fantasy XV to give this expansion a try?