All it takes is for Monster Hunter: World to end Sony’s Press Conference to remind yourself that “Oh Yeah, Monster Hunter being on a traditional console is pretty big news!”.

So yeah, Sony and Capcom are going all out with it! For example, this Custom Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro coming to Japan on December 7, a full month and almost three weeks before the game drops on January 26. 1TB HDD. Custom controller, top plate, box, exclusive theme, two

months of PS+, and a digital copy of Monster Hunter: World. All for ¥ 49,980 or $448 if you’re looking to import.

If that’s not enough for you, Capcom also unleashed a new trailer for the game and it is Brahsome!!! If you’re at all hyped for this game, this trailer is for you!!

Also, don’t forget about the pre-order bonuses.. if you secure your copy before release date, you’ll obtain the “origins armor” and a fair wind charm. Is that enough? No? Oh. Well, talk to Capcom, not me!!

Stay those beast come January 26, Brah!