(Update!) Seems like 1.33 has brought with it a small issue. Oh lawdy.

Update: Unfortunately patch 1.33 introduced a crash that would occur for certain players when trying to load a save where the player had an opened treasure box in their inventory containing a modification and other items. We are currently working on a fix for this issue.

Hey! It’s time for another Horizon Zero Dawn Update!! While most of the team is putting the finishing touches on The Frozen Wilds DLC, a few peeps are making sure the original content is the best that it can be! Nothing too amazing with this newest patch, but we will take it. Read below for all the details!


• Implemented an option to allow making a manual save from a previous Game when starting a New Game to avoid losing progress.


• Fixed an issue where for some players Tearblast Arrows incorrectly deal extra Tear damage on Ultra Hard.

• Fixed an issue where some players were able to reroll Special Modification Boxes by saving and reloading.


• Fixed an issue in ‘The Womb of the Mountain’ when playing on Story difficulty where some players were able to kill the Corruptor outside of the gate, blocking progression because the player is not able to interact with it to continue the quest.

Download it now for the small sum of 309.6MB! With The Frozen Wilds dropping on November 7, you still have time to finish the game! OR if you have yet to buy it, there’s still time to save up! I’m sure Sony will offer some kind of sweet package with the base game and the DLC included!