Sneaky Bears from WarDucks finally makes its appearance on PlayStation VR. In a game of Teddy Bears vs Panda Bears, you are the sole human that can help the trapped Panda Bears become free and this satisfying feeling is a nice change.

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When I first started Sneaky Bears you are giving some detail from your friend Buddy about what is going until you see a video of Frank. See Frank is this evil mastermind trying to rule with his evil teddy bears. But there was this familiarity about Frank that I just had to think about. Think about where was he coming from. Then it hit me. If you take Lotso from Toy Story 3 and mix him with Billy the puppet from the Saw movies, you would have Frank who wants to play this sort of game and you are the piece of the puzzle that does not belong.

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With Sneaky Bears, it’s more than your typical wave shooter. There will be times where you have to shoot the evil Teddy Bears while putting out fires or using a shotgun to help blast through the shields that some of the bigger Teddy Bears hold in front of them. One of the things I truly enjoy is you don’t have to reload your guns. In fact, you have an endless supply of guns at your disposal. When your bullets are out, then reach down and grab another. Just you might want to be quick about it as there where be Teddy Bears that throw things at you that you have to shoot out of the air, they could be rolling on a bomb towards you or marching towards you are just a few of the things you have to worry about. But the good thing is you will see targets that if you can hit them while everything else is going can reward you.

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The controls are simple and the Move Controllers are used very well here. Fire with the triggers and use the move buttons to throw away your guns and grab new ones. I will also say the tracking is on point and when you have the tracking on point in VR this good, it just adds to that experience. This makes everything feel natural and when you add this natural feeling with guns in VR, it is expected that you will feel like the most awesome person ever…so go be awesome.

Sneaky Bears has three different modes. Survival Mode is what you would expect…survive the waves while rescuing the friendly Panda Bears. Fire Mode allows you to switch out your shotgun for the awesome water gun to help put out fires. But if you wait too long, you can choke on the smoke. And then there is Bomb Mode is where bombs are moving on conveyor belts towards the Panda Bears and you must disarm the bombs before it’s too late. And trust me, no one likes sad pandas.

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While I would have loved there to be an online leaderboard, the setting of a warehouse with its immersion of VR almost feels like it’s you against the survival of humans. Even while playing and seeing Frank come on to deliver his clever and humorous messages (that I really enjoyed and laughed at), I had this sense of he was wanting to play a game and the whole time the warehouse factory was one big room where at any time, it would be the end for Buddy, the Pandas, and me. I was more than happy to prove Frank wrong and put an end to those Evil Sneaky Bears.

*No Pandas were hurt in my time while playing.

Sneaky Bears is out now for the PlayStation VR. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Ward Ducks, please follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Sneaky Bears please visit the site and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I need to go get a higher score.