Your dream of running a restaurant is becoming true. It’s prime meal time and your customers are hungry and things just might not be going as smooth as you would hope. You have one job and that is to satisfy everyone of your customers.

You will be able to unlock new ingredients to help make the game more chaotic as you progress, but rewarded here and there with customization so you can run your diner with the ultimate charisma. Do you have a friend? A family member? If so then grab them and you two can take this diner to a whole new level. Think you are better than them? No here. You will not even see what the customers want. So you both will need to communicate and listen to each other to help your dream become the most enjoyable experience ever.

You will get to experience all this  and more when VR The Diner Duo comes to PlayStation VR later this year.

Until then, please enjoy…