A new trailer drops by and it’s amazing!

With Sonic Forces nearing release later this year, SEGA of Japan dropped a new trailer for the game with a bunch of new details in the story and how it will play out. Of course being from SEGA of Japan, the trailer is in Japanese though for the most part it’s understandable what they’re talking about or referring to.

The trailer itself is more show don’t tell situation. While we can’t understand what they’re saying due to a language barrier and no Japanese translators have been hired or contacted shortly after the trailer got up, we can see many interesting details within the trailer itself that more or less fit the almost all the pieces of the puzzle. Though I recommend watching the trailer beforehand.

Angry Robotnik.jpg
It seems though while Eggman is up to his evil schemes once more, the background tells a whole different story.

The game’s trailer focuses on cuts of the new never before seen in-game cutscenes like the ones seen in Sonic Generations. While the trailer goes fast, they dropped a lot of new details regarding Infinite’s origin and how the game will play.

Old Villains return, though they might not be the same people we previously fought.

One of fan’s many questions regarding Sonic Forces comes from the introduction of recurring villains from Sonic’s past such as Chaos 0, Metal Sonic, and Shadow the Hedgehog. Though looking at the new trailer, it seems though they’re merely part of Eggman’s latest invention, which name is unknown at the moment.

Block Metal Sonic.jpg
Seems though the villains are either possessed or are just figments created by Infinite to resemble these characters.

As seen in the picture above, it seems as though Infinite is able to use his power to replicate Sonic’s old foes in image alone. It’s mighty impressive the attention to detail from the small cubes and red shade in the character model as well as the sinister lighting that emphasizes a feeling of not only edginess, but seriousness.

Hi Five.jpg
Sonic and our Custom Character will tag team it out while executing what might be a co-op attack.

Though I would love to add more to this story it seems though we may just have to wait until Sonic Forces releases on November 7th for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.