Aw damnit! I told myself months ago “Thomas, you’re going to cut back on collectibles this year!!!”. Oops. First Funko announced the Horizon Zero Dawn Pops!, then they revealed the Crash Bandicoot Pops! And today? Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Funko Pop! two-packs!!!!

These new vinyl figures will be part of the the Marvel Gamerverse and to be honest, look pretty poppin’ sweet! First up? The ladies battle it out! Captain Carol Danvers vs Chun-Li!!!

The next challengers?? Why it’s none other than the SUPER EVIL DUO of Ultron and Sigma! I’ll admit. Never thought I would see a Sigma Pop!, but there he is. Butt chin and all.

In the battle of who is the mightiest warrior, Gamora and Strider (!!!!) face-off in what would be such a great battle. How cool is it that we’re getting a Strider Pop!?!?

The last pack is an odd couple, although if you’ve been watching the story trailer, they seem the best of pals. Mega Man X and Rocket Raccoon!!! This is X’s first Pop! as well! Triple nice for new Pops! instead of repaints!

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite releases next week, but you’ll have to wait until November for this little guys n’ gals. Don’t worry though, if the rumor mill is true, there will be plenty of content to keep you busy until then.