“A fireteam that fights together, stays together.” Three years after the launch of Destiny in 2014, those words still ring true. With one week in the books Destiny 2 has captured the hearts of millions of players. It is time to decrypt a week’s worth of experiences and determine whether or not this sequel is everything we had hoped for.

Right off the bat the most noticeable improvement with Destiny 2 is the emphasis on story and characters. There is no denying the care and attention put to every facet of the narrative. Upon interacting with one of the first characters you meet, Hawthorne, I was greeted with a view of her character model but instead of a fancy white background surrounding her everything remained within the same environment. A detail like this while trivial for some is a great change for many. Immersion stays consistent throughout your experience whether its dialogue with characters or going from story missions to adventures to patrols and lost sectors.

This brings me to the next improvement and probably the biggest one that may surprise lots of guardians. Destiny 2 is huge! I haven’t completed the main story but what you are getting here in terms of content is a staggering difference in comparison to the first game.

Beyond the story missions there are a slew of activities to do and each planet that you visit has a huge map to do these activities on. Each planet has its own unique look and open world-ish map to explore. Basic exploration can comprise of you searching for what is called “Region Chests” or exploring “Lost Sectors”. Finding each of these chests is a bit of a puzzle on its own while Lost Sectors are essentially these mini dungeons for you to get lost in and battle a boss at the end for a sector chest reward.

If you are looking for more narrative driven activities each planet is filled with a certain number of what is called “Adventures” and its essentially these bite sized story missions which add more context and lore about what’s going on in this “world without light”. Patrols and public events make a return with some modifications made to them that add just that little extra nuance to the game.

What I think is interesting about this sequel is how well they hold everything back from you and give you inch by inch more of the game. You do not even have access to a sparrow from the start of the game let alone all of your subclasses. Bungie seems to have really organized exactly how they want players to experience this game and it’s a welcomed change.

As I’ve said I have not finished the main story yet. I’m level 20 with about 220 or so power level give or take. I’m not even close to fully exploring each planet the game has and I have not even touched Strikes or Nightfalls. Crucible of course makes its return and I have been able to sink in a few hours into that. Changes to crucible are not drastic but are noticeable. Power ammo is a lot more valuable I feel in this game compared to the first though unfortunately cannot be shared with other fireteam members. Matches are fun and nerve-racking and with the number of players dropped to 4v4 it does add more of an intimacy with the battles that go on.

I feel like I still haven’t said much about Destiny 2 and that is a testament to Bungie for listening to fan feedback and staying on top of every detail that fans and critics point out. This week the endgame raid and crucible factions make a return and this is all just the first week of its release. It honestly overwhelms me to think about what Destiny 2 is going to look like lets say a month or two from now.

Destiny 2 so far has not failed at being as addictive as the first game was. That is not to say it is without its faults and rest assured I will definitely be the first to point those out in the future. Until then I must continue the adventure and find out what the fate of The Last City is. Guns up guardians!