Having any issues with Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice? If so, Ninja Theory is hoping Patch 1.02 might eliminate these problems. Check out the details below!

• Various subtitle corrections across the game.

• Fixed a potential progression stopping issue where the player couldn’t progress beyond the 4th shard Challenge after focusing on it.

• Fixed an issue where quitting the game then reloading it during the Blindness shard challenge caused post FX to be lost.

• Fixed an issue where Senua was stuck in the animation of ladder climbing.

• Fixed multiple issues across the game where the player was able to bypass collision.

• Fixed a rare issue where Senua would not revert from her combat stance after defeating the enemies at the Gate to Helheim

• Fixed an issue where lol Y-axis  in the options menu would not be saved.

• Fixed a potential issue where activating photo mode as enemies are spawning would cause them to animate in slow-motion until struck.

• Fixed an issue where quitting the game during cut scenes would cause audio to be lost after reloading.

• Fixed potential progression stopping issue after finishing the Valravn boss fight.

• Fixed potential issue in Beast cave where Senua’s torch would not be visible.

• Fixed a potential issue where a brazier in the Fenrir Cave is missing.

• Fixed a potential issue where lighting would disappear after completing Surtr.

• Fixed a potential issue where some symbols in the Valravn section are not illuminated.

• Fixed Senua occasionally missing her sword.

• Fixed miscellaneous audio issues.

• Fixed minor graphical issues.

Did you enjoy Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice? Take advantage of the glorious photo mode or are you waiting for a PSN Sale before jumping in?