Japanese marketing teams almost never play it safe when it comes to trailers or TV commercials. Believe me, this latest Destiny 2 trailer is further proof of that.

One of the more interesting decisions Bungie made in the original Destiny was the ability for your Guardian to shake yo’ groove thang. Hell, if you played the game long enough then you’ll know they eventually released Dance emote DLC!!

This new Destiny 2 trailer is an ode to all the booty shaking that has been made in the Destiny series. Didn’t expect it, but that song featured in the trailer is pretty catchy.

Got 3 minutes? Give it a watch! Can’t promise it’ll make you want to play the game, however you might nod your bead a little.

Destiny 2 is out, like… NOW!! If you have the game and you’re reading this, psssh. What am I saying? You’re still playing the game. Don’t forget to take a nap, yo.