This might be breaking news to some of you. But Capcom is going to be re-releasing one of their biggest games of the year!! Resident Evil 7 is going Gold, Brah!!!

Announced to hit the US on December 12, Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition will launch with all the current DLC available to download, plus the “Not a Hero” DLC content AND something new.. the “End of Zoe” DLC after-story. Soooo I guess we now know what ending is canon, eh?. Note: the “End of Zoe” DLC is not exclusive to this edition. It will also be available to download separately for $14.99/ €14.99/ £11.99!

There is a bit of news regarding the “Not a Hero” DLC! After being delayed earlier this year, it will now launch on December 12!!

If you’ve been waiting to give RE7 a try, this Fall might be your best bet, if you want the complete package.