Awww, those poor counselors. Don’t they know Jason hates a good spring break party?? THEY’RE ABOUT TO LEARN THEIR FREAGIN’ LESSON!! For $3.99 ($1.99 for a limited time!), you’ll be able to get the ‘Spring break 1984 Swimsuit’ pack. There’s no release date yet, buuuut there IS a rather fun trailer for it.

The latest patch is also live!! Fixing a variety of issues and improving the game. Mr. Voorhees will be most pleased.


• Fixed an issue that would create a new lobby after only searching for 10 seconds.

• Increased the ping threshold back to 300ms on PS4


• Fixed an issue that would cause a crash if a party leader invited a player that was already in another lobby


• Decreased the window break animation time

• Fixed an issue where Jason could not damage counselors moving through the window

• Fixed a number of environmental kills that were not triggering

• Fixed an issue that was causing the door to not get hit after the first or second swing

• Fixed an issue where the morph circles were not appearing on the morph map.

• Fixed an issue that was leaving the map up when Jason was hit while trying to morph

• Fixed an issue where Jason was not dropping a counselor in a choke if he was hit

• Fixed an issue where Jason was taking damage while stunned…he shouldn’t


• Fixed an issue where the Pocket Knife would not trigger

• Fixed an issue with weapons that was not decreasing the weapons durability if they were hitting Jason but Jason was not taking damage


• Fixed impact decals so they dont display the material type anymore. (Wood, Metal, and Rock)

• Fixed badges disappearing when swapping languages

• Fixed a loading screen hang on PC


• Packanack

◦ Fixed a hidden door

◦ Fixed a tree from spawning in a cabin

• Higgins Haven

◦ Fixed an issue where Jason would become locked out from performing interaction when attempting to use a Window interaction

◦ Fixed an issue where the phone box to call the police was blocked by environmental objects

Once the DLC swimsuits go live, we shall let you know… AS WE RIP YOUR FACE OFF!! BWUHAHAHAHA!!!