If Sonic Mania didn’t satisfy your cravings for everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog, then perhaps Sonic Forces will do just that! A reunion of the Classic and Modern Sonic, the game also throws another interesting twist into the mix. Character creation!!! You can create your own hero, then team-up with Sonic in the tag team mode!

Today, Sega made a trio of announcements regarding Sonic Forces. The first? A release date! November 7 in the US and EU! The second? A price tag! $39.99 will get you the ‘Bonus Edition’!! $40?! Brah Yeah!! The Third? The Content included with the Bonus Edition!!

Classic Sega character outfits for your customizable hero?!? Niiiice. The Controller skin is cool, but I’m sure my sweaty palms would ruin it in no time.

What do you think, Brahs? Are you interested in Sonic Forces or have you gone fast enough this year already? OR perhaps you’re worried that Sonic Mania might make Forces look dumb?