It’s time for the monthly Final Fantasy XV update!! You might be thinking “Wow! Two updates at once!”, well don’t get too excited, as one update merely fixes bugs. Anyway, here’s the deets!

Version 1.15

• Various bug fixes

Version 1.14

• Implementation of a chapter select (available after completion of the main game)

• Addition of a bestiary (accessible from the Archives in the Main Menu)

• Master Assassin’s Robes for players with a Dream Egg (unlocks upon loading a save)

• Opening of the Assassin’s Festival (until January 31, 2018)

• Announcement of winning snapshots from third photo contest (viewable at Mother of Pearl in Galdin Quay)

• Various bug fixes

I’ll admit, I’m a little bit interested in the Assassin’s Festival crossover. It could be cool? Maybe? For those of you who jump back into the game, let us know what you think!!