Warriors All-Stars is Koei Tecmo’s big crossover game featuring most of the main protagonists from their deep catalogue of IPs such as Dynasty warriors, Toukiden, Nights Of Azure, Nioh, Ninja Gaiden, Dead Or Alive, Samurai Warriors and more. It’s an All-Stars game so you’re gonna have a huge roster of characters to choose from and choosing who to use first is half the battle.


The story is about a kingdom relying on the powers of a magical spring. When the power source dries up after the previous king’s passing, Princess Tamaki performs a ritual to summon heroes from other worlds to share their powers with the shrines and revive the magical spring in order to fulfill the prophecy. Shiki Pleads with the heroes to fight alongside him, Tamaki and Setsuna restore balance and life into the kingdom. The story was good but could’ve been better but the cinematic cutscenes looked great. The game has 3 different campaigns and multiple endings so there’s enough content to keep you playing for quite some time.


The gameplay is fluid and challenging compared to other Warriors games, you can use square and triangle for your light and strong attacks or combination of both to perform a variety of different techniques, you also have a special musou attack once you get your gauge meter up by pushing circle, each character you decide to main have their own musou special, with William you get to use your guardian spirit, you can have up to 4 AI companions as you take on each mission on the world map. You can also switch characters from your party while you’re in battle, certain characters will make a bigger impact depending on who you’re fighting, there’s a time limit when you’re switching characters so it’s best that you switch when the battle becomes overwhelming. Once the meter goes back up on your AI companions, you’ll be able to switch again. The game also has a brave system that increases your stats and makes your characters stronger, more durable and makes the musou gauge increase faster.


You have 4 difficulty levels in Warriors All-Stars, Beginner, Easy, Normal & Hard. The game will get difficult the further you get so it’s best that you level up your character and AI companions, you can do this using gold or just doing missions across the map. There’s also a card system that help improve your character’s attacks.


The graphics and art style really suit the game, the colours are vibrant and the character models look awesome, the game also has different environments and the maps are huge. I was really impressed with the buttery smooth performance, I didn’t experience any type of slow down during my playthrough. The OST wasn’t the best but some of the tracks were decent.

I had a blast playing this game for the most part, Warriors All Stars wasn’t the crossover we deserved but it was the crossover we needed and I can’t help but recommend it to fans of the Musou series.