Final Fantasy XV dreams DO come true!! Remember that poll that ran a few months back, asking owners of FFXV what they wanted next from the game??

The best possible selection won!!! We’re getting SOME kind of story regarding Ardyn’s past!!! YEESSSSSSS!!! After that massive tease about his past, we were left with that. A simple tease. NOW WE GET THEM ANSWERS!!! This. Is. Brahsome. I apologize, Luna fans. This is the answers we needed!! THAT I NEED!!!

During Episode Cologne in Germany, the team was asked about the outcome of the survey and the answer is just. Too. SWEET!!

It was Ardyn´s backstory that the majority voted for – so we clearly got the message he´s the person fans want to know more about. We´re not sure as of yet how we´ll do it though – it´s a lot of story, and telling a character´s story is always the most difficult and detailed part of a game. So, we don´t know yet whether we´ll make it another game, no dlc though, it would be a full game, or a movie, comic etc. We really want to tell his story though. Second in the survey was Luna´s story by the way. 

The only bad part? Who knows when we might get it. DLC is planned up until December.. looking like 2018, in my opinion.

With so many different spin-offs and crossovers coming to Final Fantasy XV, the party will never end!!!