Secret of Mana fans, this day is FOR YOU!! Square Enix dropped a nice little surprise for y’all morning! They’re currently working on a remake of the original Secret of Mana that’ll be ready for gamers on February 15, 2018!! Best part? Both PS4 and PS Vita owners get to enjoy the game! Who said the Vita was dead?!

Voice overs, 3D graphics, voice overs, newly arranged music, and local co-op for up three players, THIS is going to be the ultimate Secret of Mana experience.

Also, if you pre-order before release, you’ll get some snazzy avatar and DLC outfits. Yay. OH! Before I forget, this bad boy is digital-only. Might be a deal killer for some of ya. Oh well! More JRPG action for the rest of us!

Secret of Mana returns on February 18! Here’s the link to pre-order!