By far one of the more interesting announcements Sony made at this year’s E3 was the Playlink initiative. Taking the controller out of your hand does sound a bit odd, but if you’ve played a few games of That’s You! with your friends or family, then you know that Sony might be on to something with their smart phone/ tablet gaming scene.

Of the handful of games that were revealed as PlayLink titles, HiddenAgenda by Supermassive Games, easily caught the most attention from gamers. Stunning graphics, a twisted story involving a serial killer called “The Trapper”, and the ability to make decisions as a group that drastically alter the storyline have this game looking legit!

Great news for gamers that have the game on their wish list, as Hidden Agenda is looking to release on on October 24 in the US and October 25!! 1 to 6 players. Smart phone is required.

If you missed out on the PlayLink announcement or the Hidden Agenda reveal, I’ve provided both E3 trailers for you to investigate!