In a crossover I most certainly did not see coming, Ubisoft and Square Enix’s admiration of one another has given life to quite the team-up!

3 years ago, in a secret underground bunker, Ubisoft assassin’s were about to make their move.. eliminate Square Enix. Then, claim all their IPs as their own. Somehow, someone failed the mission. That failure has ultimately given birth to… Assassin’s Festival!!!!!!

The best part about this all?? It’s FREE DLC!! Running from August 31, 2017 to January 31, 2018, you should have plenty of time to join the Assassin Bros. and save the day, Assassin’s Creed-style.

Sooooo who’s looking forward to this?? I’m guessing this is another piece of FFXV’s August update, along with the bestiary and chapter select function. Not a shabby update.

What’s next for Final Fantasy XV?! Some kind of PSVR fishing game?