ROCK THE DRAGON, BRAH!!! Bandai Namco know they have us fans by the dragon balls, so let’s get started!!!!

First, something we’ve all been waiting for. MORE CLOSED BETA NEWS!!! Sign-ups are LIVE for the closed beta!!! If you’re interested in trying to get in the beta, here’s the links.

Official Bandai Namco beta sign-up page!!

I haven’t had the best of looking finding a European link, but this is what I found. It’s a sign-up page from Sony Interactive Europe. Plus it’s legit!!


Good luck, Brahs!! If any of us get in, here’s the schedule!

Next up, we have a trailer the three recently announced new fighters. THE ANDROIDS!!! Brah. They look fantastic!! Arc System Works working that magic again!!!

BUT WAIT!! THERE’S MORE!! Like most major games these days, there’s going to be A COLLECTOR’S EDITION!!!!

For *only* $139.99, you get all the goodies above. Although that Goku statue is LEGIT, I think The Brah will pass. What about you??

Last but not least, the pre-order bonuses. Access to the open beta!! SSGSS Goku and Vegeta!! 2 lobby avatars!! Ya know, half-way decent bonuses. NICE.

Dragon Ball FighterZ looks to set the standard for future Dragon Ball games in February 2018!!!