Have you ever wanted to play God? Well now is your chance. Expand your city and build farms and hunt animals for food, create homes for your people, develop roads, walls and gates for defense. And when you think everything is going good and your people are pleased, you will have to conquer strongholds of EVIL by destroying vicious goblins, ruthless orcs and warriors who are skeletons. You must also grow your powers by unlocking the extensive power tree to gain new abilities and manipulations. Alter the landscape to flatten or raise the land for height advantages and strategic positioning.

Help nature flourish from summoning showers to make crops grow to disorienting enemies with devastating sandstorms. You will need to create volcanoes and blizzards to destroy your enemies as you manipulate the elements. Did someone say dragons? Yes you will also need to feed and train your dragon to grow and become a vicious fighter, but if you ignore it’s needs, it could just turn against you.

Find out more when Minor Deity comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…enjoy…