HEY SONY!! How nice of you to REMEMBER that Everybody’s Golf releases..NEXT WEEK WORLDWIDE!!

Yeah man! Isn’t that cool? Remember when you guys changed the US name from Hot Shots Golf to Everybody’s Golf. Well, some of us gamers certainly do! We happen to be very excited for another entry in the addictive af Golf series!!

PlayStation Underground was visited by none other than Shuhei Yoshida, who just happen to have a copy of the game to play. You can see his Everybody’s Golf skillZ on display as he takes on Ryan Clements, ultimately survives the match, AND walks out as the the victor. Of course he did! HE’S THE SHU!!!

If you’re hyped for Everybody’s Golf, remember that is releases on August 29 in the US, 30 in Europe, and 31 in Japan!

Grab that Golf Kart, Brah!! Because this is a challenge from THE Brah!! I’ll see you on the greens!!