I am going to start off by saying this now…if you have a weak heart, a tendency to scream loud because you are scared, easily have nightmares or usually say $&*#@()!~)(@#)$, then be prepared, because you just might experiences all of these and say things far worse then you would have ever thought.

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Horror games and VR, something about this combination works and it works very well…almost too well here. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul from VRWREX is a VR game that does not hold your hand in any way, except one…to scare you in every way possible. When you first start Paranormal Activity, you are given the option for the tutorial or you can jump right in. Before even selecting, I knew this was ‘bad in such a good way’ idea, that I went ahead with the tutorial and I am glad I did. It showed me how to move around and use the Move Controllers. Below is the Move Controller layout for you to get used to because you might have other things on your fearful mind to remember. I want to give a big hand for the atmosphere alone just in the tutorial.

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Now make sure before you get into Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, you do three things. 1) Turn out all the lights and 2) make sure your headphone volume is up and 3) make sure your PlayStation VR headset is tight as you don’t want that flying off in case you jump. These three things will just add to the experience. When you first start out it, of course, is night time and you see a house. Just in front of you is a flashlight on the ground. Please make sure you pick that up as this may be your only friend…that is until the batteries run out. Yes not only do you have to worry about being scared, but your batteries running out in your flashlight that once they do, you will have to find more throughout your adventure. So we have a dark night, a big house, and a battery draining flashlight all with the impressiveness of PlayStation VR.

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Sound. Part of the immersion of VR is the sound. It can make or break your experience. The sounds in this game alone will get to you. 3D audio is perfected here and you will hear every creak to whistling to every heartbeat (or that could be just yours pounding away). Walking on grass to having doors rattle, it’s all here with the perfect pitch and right volume adding to the scares that you will experience within the house. This is where some of the traits or words I mentioned at the beginning will come into play. The sounds alone mixed in with the scares should win a category of its own. And when the random scares get added…yes random scares. This is another thing I really appreciate it that is used here as you will not necessarily get scared in the same place twice. This type of added bonus makes the game feel new and plus if you get scared at times when you know that you didn’t get scared last time, that’s a win right there.

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You can interact or pick up almost anything you see as you will need to get certain objects to help you progress. You will need to find keys for doors as some can easily be opened, while others shake and rattle at you or some will require a key to help you move on. Drawers throughout the house can be opened and you might want to open as many as you can. Some have clues, some may have items such as batteries for your battery draining flashlight that seems to go out right when you do not want or need it to. But that’s part of the fun right?

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I don’t want to give too much away as that wouldn’t be fair to you. Even with me telling you what I have so far, words can’t do it justice. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is deserving of you to explore and witness what it has to offer. This is something that you need to experience and is something that should be in your collection now! A review copy was provided. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is out now on sale for $29.99 until August 29th, 2017 and then goes back to the regular price of $39.99.

To learn more about Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, visit the site and to make sure to follow their Twitter and to learn more about VRWERX make sure to visit their site and make sure to follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy! Until next time, I am going to see what else is going to scare me and just think…Halloween will be here before we know it.