Even though FFXV received a rather mixed reception from the JRPG community, Square Enix continually updates their latest numbered entry in the Final Fantasy saga. AND if they’re not updating the game, they’re announcing the Ultimate Edition aka the Windows Edition OR, believe it or not, the Pocket Edition for your smart phones.

Tucked in during all these new reveals happen to be some details regarding the August update for FFXV!

CHAPTER SELECT!!! Bored by some of the chapters that don’t really matter? You can now skip them!! Not sure if you have to have beaten the game to use this feature.

A BESTIARY!! Learn more about your favorite monsters with this feature. Or maybe not. Square Enix didn’t really elaborate on either of these new features.

Considering that August is only 9 days away from being over, this update should A.) arrive soon and B.) be given more official details soon. I hope! Wonder what other updates they might sneak in..

We will Update this with article with more details as soon as Square Enix provides them, Brah!!