VRog is a game where you don’t play as a frong, but you become the VRog. A game where no controllers are used, but only the PlayStation VR headset is needed to play. The object is so simple with two modes, catch as many bugs as possible in 90 seconds or play as long as your skills allow all while trying to avoid the evil stork. I thought I would reach out to ByteRockers’ Games to get their thoughts and insight on what makes VRog a game to play and their thoughts on VR.

Maik Reichelt VRog PSVR

Maik Reichelt, Marketing Manager of ByteRockers’ Games.

What were some of the influences that helped make VRog?

“VR is currently on everyone’s lips. ByteRockers’ Games has its roots in small mobile games. Games that are fun for a young target group and have a manageable work space. When we decided to make a VR game this should also be a small game for a young target group, but it should also be fun for older players. So we were thinking, what makes us actually enjoy VR? And what can we do as a small developer? After a few attempts, we found out that a different perspective is the most fun. Thus, the idea was born that the player must be in a different kind of body. Then the prototype went through many hands. Each employee should contribute their ideas and say how to improve the game. After 6 months, VRog was born.”

Do you find that some type of games work better in VR than others?

“At the moment, many developers are trying to fill the boundaries of the VR and the limits of the player so you can see what you can expect the player. The most noticeable thing is that players have a problem when their character moves quickly and when they physically do something different from the “real” body. Sitting the player while the character is standing is the more unpleasant than if the character were also sitting. If both stand the same course. Thus, we think that cockpit games work well. For one thing, the casual gamer is too strenuous all the time to stand for the other, there is no difference between player and character. Speed and resistance are also important. Since there are controllers for all VR systems, you can see how the players always want to grab something. We think that you will see more like Batman, Bridge Crew or Resident Evil, touching virtual stuff is just fun.”

What are some of your favorite VR games that you hope that will come to PlayStation VR?

“To be quite honest, there are currently the best VR games on the PlayStation. Sony simply has a very high quality claim. Of course, I am looking forward next year huge on Marvel Powers United VR or Megaton Rainfall. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to “new” games rather than “old-known”.

How long would you say is VRog and will there be any trophies?

Vrog is a typical party game. You should always fight with your friends for a new high score. Of course there are online ranking lists, too, but it is definitely more fun when you invite some friends to come home and try to get to the top in party mode again and again. Thus, the playtime increases with each party 🙂 Who wants to go trophy hunting can these of course. There are various ways to get different trophies. Gather a certain number of beetles, reach a certain point or survive a certain time against the stork.”

Did you find working with PlayStation VR easier or more difficult compared to other headsets?

“As I said earlier, Sony has a very high quality claim. The test center of these must be huge 🙂 Every product is thoroughly tested. I would not say it is more difficult, but if you can convince Sony, you can convince everyone :)”

So is the leader board cross platform and is it updated on a regular basis?

“We are developing for all VR platforms, but PlayStation is the number one. We would like to create more content and updates. VRog is a small game and will not get X updates since we will look after future major projects but we will take care of our first “VR child”.”

What is the planned cost for VRog?

VRog should be available in the US store from August 31st. We hope that Sony is as reliable as it was in Europe. It will cost $ 4.99.”

Any future games or experiences that you are working on or that can be discussed at this time?

“Like many companies and projects around the world, ByteRockers’ games are growing out of their children’s shoes. We are currently back on two new projects. These will in turn be bigger than anything we’ve done before. One of these projects is also a PlayStation VR game. This time we put the pedal to the metal. The target group is older and tolerates more action. I can unfortunately not betray very much, because the project is in an early stage, but so much I can say: With VRog, we got to learn everything about the VR technology, in our new game we squeeze the full potential of this technique. We hope to be able to present the first in-game images early next year.”

 I want to thank Maik Reichelt for taking the time out of his busy schedule to give us a more in-depth look into VRog. Be on the look out when it comes to PlayStation VR in the very near future.

If you missed the trailer, please enjoy…