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When I first played ChromaGun from Pixel-Maniacs I had this ease of happiness that brought me back to the days where single-player games with an emphasis on puzzles, but yet had that narrative feel to it and that is a very good thing. But what is ChromaGun exactly? ChromaGun is a first-person puzzler about colors. The concept is basic, but yet the puzzles can be very complex. Enter a room and and use the ChromaGun to spray and color the walls and the Worker Droids are drawn to the walls of the same color that help with things like opening the doors that you need to escape, activating triggers or you may need to sacrifice them to get rid of certain parts of electrified tiles on the floor. ChromaGun’s eight chapters of mind color puzzles and witty background-narrative are refreshing as well as welcomed.

When you enter the doors, some of the walls have that gray washed-out tone to it. When you first start out, your Chromagun can only shoot the primary colors of Red, Yellow or Blue. Some parts of the wall have a base and depending on that color of that base. The floating orbs can be shot with your ChromaGun and you may have to shoot an orb with RED and shoot the wall Red to help you pass the level. As you progress you will then be able to combine two colors such as Yellow and Blue to make Green. But I don’t know when I had so much fun playing a game and learning art at the same time. Also, when you using the Dual Shock 4 controller, based on the color you have selected, the light on the controller will change to that color which is a really nice touch.

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The sound of the game is really nice here with not too much over draining the pace of the game, but really compliments each of the levels of the game. I also really appreciate the subtle way the narration of hints with a just right, yet appreciative tone that really had me laughing on the inside as well as the outside to where you can see the smile coming through. Also, if you are not playing with headphone, the use of the speaker with the Dual Shock 4 is nicely used here. I just wish more developers incorporated that more because it is really a nice feature to have.

But the main focus of any puzzle game is, of course, the puzzles that are presented. Each one here has its own specialty, that sometimes even after I solved the puzzle, I just wanted to stay in the room and enjoy the atmosphere. ChromaGun sets out what it was meant to be. Something that is fun yet mixed with the comfort of what you may already love and the can’t wait to see what will happen next. Even though I reviewed the PlayStation 4 version, I am happy to say that ChromaGun is, in fact, coming to PlayStation VR and it will have Aim Controller support. Adding this with the immersion of PlayStation VR will take ChromaGun to a whole new level and will be one of those games that you will be glad you that you get now and will have that extra bonus once it hits on PlayStation VR. And when ChromaGun finally does, expect a PlayStation VR review.

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Chromagun is out now. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Pixel-Maniacs, visit their site and make sure you follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have more colors to make.