Manifest 99 is a story about redemption. Board a mysterious train full of murderous crows as you assist four companions, if you will, to their final destination. Play without any controllers as you look deep into the crow’s eyes so they can move to their perch as the world you see and witness are through their perspective. You will also be able to view through the eyes of the ghosts of a bear, a doe, an owl and crow, the fellow passengers. You will learn more about their personal story and why they are aboard the train. Each passenger is a chapter you will experience that you will learn why they and you are aboard this train.


  • An interactive, narrative-driven virtual reality experience
  • A rich world rendered in a striking, painterly visual style
  • Move around by gazing into the eyes of characters
  • Discover each character’s lost objects to complete their passage
  • No controller required, experience sitting/standing

 They say the key to the soul is through the eyes and we will soon find out when Manifest 99 comes to PlayStation VR on September 12, 2017.

Until then…enjoy the ride…