Yakuza 0. Yakuza Kiwami. All the other Yakuza Games on the PS2 and PS3. They have brought us to the this moment. The End of Kazuma Kiryu’s storyline after all these games!!

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is the first Yakuza title to be developed exclusively for the PS4, so as you watch this release date announcement trailer, you’re going to be able to tell a big difference from it and Yakuza 0.


Kiyru is ALWAYS kicking @$$ and never taking names. Why? Because he don’t give a crap!!! He’s THE MAN! Do YOU want to be the Man? Yes, yes you do. How can you do that? By pre-ordering the “After Hours” Premium Edition! Look at this craziness!!

Brah. Ice stones? Never thought I would see that kind of item in a collector’s edition! All for $89.99 OR if you’re poor like The Brah, you can snag the standard edition, which comes with a snazzy Hardcover Art book package for $59.99!

What do you think, Yakuza Brahs?! Will you help send Kiryu off into retirement?!? Come March 20, 2018… he might not give you a choice! MAN UP OR GO HOME, BRUH!!!