Some of the games that help expand what we may know now can be bounced off a certain type of genre of games, dungeon crawlers. You might have to find a key or a potion or fight a monster. All that nostalgia and more are present in Crystal Rift by Psytec Games for PlayStation VR.

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When I first tried Crystal Rift I was brought back to those games where we must explore and try not to fall in the pits of fire and avoid the sword fighting skeletons. Along with the immersive atmosphere, from the blocky walls to the movements of the monsters, now in full VR and that made me feel like I was a kid again and for that, I really want to thank Psytec Games. Moving is pretty straight forward, you can turn in 90 degrees, which is now pretty normal when it comes to VR. I think I would like to see how teleportation would be in Crystal Rift and that might have been a welcomed addition to the controls.

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When I finally acquired the Silver Sword, I somehow felt like He-Man protecting Greyskull. While you can “upgrade” your sword with abilities, they are going to make you a ninja and shoot balls of fire, but allow you to take down some tougher enemies with a little more ease. The music of Crystal Rift is not trying to aim for some hardcore meet a mighty Lord type of sound and just like the fighting style, it doesn’t need to. You will need to avoid the spike traps, fireballs, swinging axes to name a few. I found these all this a pleasure and almost felt like it was a scene out of Indiana Jones

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Puzzles do get a little more advanced the more you travel through these dungeon walls and as you progress, the notes along the way add to the story of Crystal Rift. And in all honestly when you add to the immersive of VR, it really all comes together in a special way. Some might think that this might be a maze to get lost in but rarely does this happen. With the 12-15 hours of gameplay, hidden rooms to unlock and the 25 levels to complete, Crystal Rift is a game that deserves to be explored. Not once did I feel any motion sickness nor felt like I was shorted a certain type of playstyle. It’s a game that isn’t trying too hard, but yet pays homage to the roots of its foundation on which it was based on and never tries to stray from that.

Crystal Rift is out now on PlayStation VR for $12.99. A review copy was provided. To find out more about Crystal Rift visit the dungeon or on Twitter. To learn more about Psytec Games, visit their site and make sure you follow them on Twitter.

Until next time I have more rooms to unlock. Please enjoy the trailer.