“Agents Of Mayhem is Lit!”, that was the first thing I was saying after playing it for 10 minutes, as it’s a spiritual successor to Saints Row and part of the same universe with some character crossovers. Volition has created a game that has it’s own identity & it’s definitely stylish. Should you enlist as a potential Agent? Read on to find out.


The game is based in a futuristic South Korean city of seoul with a gorgeous setting & many tall skyscrapers. The story is about an international organisation called Mayhem. The storyline takes place after a hostile global takeover by The Legion & it’s down to you to take out the leaders one by one.


The gameplay was perfectly executed & gunplay is very satisfying, the driving mechanics are also done well & it’s definitely fun driving around the city testing the physics. The game has weapon variety & each agent have their unique class plus you can make adjustments to their abilities after your mission briefing or before you deploy.


These agents float above the city in a ship called The Ark, you get to customise your characters, upgrade your weapons & unlock many new abilities with the skill points you get, you can also unlock more for the character roster as you level up. The game has a diverse lineup of characters that are larger than life & they all have their signature weapons, you can deploy 3 characters for all the main missions & you can switch between each one during combat when you press left or right on the D-pad, this definitely helps whenever you’re low on health.


The game consists mainly on destroying certain areas, hacking & killing loads of bad guys and rescuing the good one’s. The game has enemy variety & mission variety, you also have online contracts & side missions, the gameplay alone makes the game very addictive.

The boss fights aren’t as challenging but they’re definitely entertaining. The dialogue & the one liners have their ups & downs but still hilarious for the most part, you can see that volition wanted to recreate the magic from their previous games and I commend them for that. The story was interesting especially with the villains & it accomplished what it needed to do. Agents Of Mayhem doesn’t have co-op or a multiplayer mode at the moment & I look at that as a missed opportunity. It’s definitely surprising because Volition are no strangers when it comes to co-op.


The music in the game wasn’t its strong point but it was enough to get me by, the sounds of the weapons were pretty good. The graphics in Agents Of Mayhem are gorgeous to look at, as they’re definitely digital eye candy. The colors during the day & night cycle look stunning. You can really see the crafting & artistry, plus the character models are very well done & the animation is something you’ll appreciate. The game is also PS4 Pro Enhanced, featuring a graphical boost & it maintains a buttery smooth 60fps for the most part.

If you’re in to open world games with great gameplay & bit of adult humour then Agents Of Mayhem is a must.