System software rolls out with a bunch of new features!

Today, the beta for the new system software update 5.00 rolled out for anyone who’s participating in the beta program. With that comes the a first look on features that come packaged with the new update. Now some might be disappointed with the new updates, but rest assured others might see it as an opportunity to actually lend their PS4 to family members because…

Key Features:

  • Family on PSN
    • Family managers
    • Individual Parental Controls
  • Friends List Management
    • Custom Lists
  • Broadcast Feature Updates
    • Communities
      • Binding Communities to Broadcasts
    • PS VR
      • Displaying Messages to Spectators and Spectator’s Comment
    • PS4 Pro
      • 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch can now be achieved!
  • Message Improvements
    • Now you can share music via messages using your PS4 with Playstation Music
      • Friends can listen to the song on PS Messages or on the app
    • You can now leave several groups at once
  • Notifications Updates
    • You can now disable pop-up notifications while watching a movie or TV
    • You can turn off message previews on your pop-up notifications
    • You can now change the color of your pop-up notifications to either white or black
  • Quick Menu
    • You can now check notifications under the quick menu
    • Added a “Leave Party” option
    • You can now see the time on the upper-right hand corner
  • Misc. Updates
    • Virtual Surround Sound on PS VR
    • Improved Tournament Brackets Viewer
    • New System Language Updates

Author’s Notes:

While the system updates are really interesting and provide a more streamlined version of what we already have, most people would be disappointed to hear that there are no PSN ID Change, no PS1 backwards compatability, and no increase in the party limit. Though while they are huge features that everyone is hyped to get, no one seems to appreciate what we got in this update. The new “Family on PSN” feature is one that will be of use to many parents who want their children to play games correspondent of their own age, which is great for those worrisome parents who want their children to stick with the ESRB rating. Custom Friends list is also a plus, mostly because you have to scroll down a lot to reach a friend to constantly send invites to or to check their profile. Now you can filter your friends into different categories such as “is part of ______ community”, “has _____ game”, “boosting buddies”, and much more. Not only that, but streamers are now encouraged to link communities on PSN which in some cases will help the streamers reach out to a community that may or may not have a lot of interactivity with to begin with and will definitely be of use in the long run. Additionally, many movie fans will be pleased to hear that you no longer have to go offline to watch a movie on your PS4 which is incredible because notifications are annoying to deal with when watching Kingsman: The Secret Service and the ping lowers the volume at the same time. That and finally, quick menu notifications are a thing! It was the only little annoyance that I had, which will surely be of help with many people who want to keep playing and still see what their progress on their download will be. In any case, we shouldn’t leave these new updates to the dust, though it does feel like a more minor update than a major one, which is a shame really. Though it will be of help to many, many others instead, which is the moral of the story here.

Source: Playstation.Blog Europe