When Square Enix said “early 2018” for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, they REALLY did mean early!!

Come January 30, Final Fantasy fans will be able to enjoy the unique gameplay system that is the Dissidia series and of course, in classic Square Enix style, there will be more one than Edition available to buy.

First we have the ‘Steelbook Brawler’ Edition! By pre-ordering at Amazon, GameStop, or Best Buy, you’ll receive one of three random steelbook cases!

Oh snap, Brah!! How did they know I LUV STEELBOOK CASES?!? This edition is your standard $59.99.

For those who love the digital world, there’s your Day 1 Edition which includes a mini digital soundtrack and nameless warrior DLC. How much? $59.99! Of course there’s the Digital Deluxe Edition that comes with those two items, PLUS the season pass containing 6 new fighters, plus 6 color variations and weapons (2 each) for the season pass peeps! That version is $84.99!

If you’re the ULTIMATE Final Fantasy fan, then you’re going to want the Square Enix Online Store Special Edition for $189.99!?! Look at all these goodies. I know some of your are already running to get this.

The Closed Beta begins next Friday, so if you’re thinking about pre-ordering, it should help with your decision. That is, if you signed up and you’re selected to take part in it. Good luck, Brah!